March flowers

Although it has been a while since I’ve posted details of what is in flower at the moment, there’s been surprisingly little change through the winter months with the scene still dominated by the Lenten roses.

In the north-west bed the colours are rich and dark, a deep pink variety contrasting with that is almost black. Both have dark foliage which in turn contrasts with the emerging silvery leaves of self-sown rose campions (the first of which came from Copse Hill 4 years ago this month).

Yellow/ white and green/ blue remain the theme colours of the south-east and south-west beds. African lilies, rock roses, roses and rose mallows will provide colour through the seasons but for now the demure blooms of the Lenten roses hold their own.

My planting on the road side of the shelter belt is less restricted. Here grape hyacinth and primroses provide splashes of light under the shrubs and trees. I’m particularly pleased to see the primroses, imported from my sister-in-law’s garden in Norfolk, as I’m hoping they will spread.

The last picture is of Easter lilies, rescued from a planter given to Harriet. There are more rescued (forced) bulbs to add this year.


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