Fabulous foliage

I love the sight of new foliage emerging at this time of year. The fresh greens edged with crimson and pink somehow convey the plants’ energy as they unfurl. 

This bergenia is a classic example. Rescued from under a thicket of cornus I’ve since removed from the front garden at AV Acres, it has found a temporary home on the patio in the back garden. Here it’s been a beacon of hope on the dark and rainy days that deny the arrival of spring.


The elusive blue

The design of the front garden at AV Acres is based on a colour wheel with the south-west bed devoted to blue through to purple. In keeping with my lily and rose them I’ve planted African lilies, blue lilyturf, Lenten roses for their glaucous foliage, plantain lilies in shades of blue green and rose mallows. There’s still room for more though and after a thwarted day visiting garden centers I’m all out of ideas.

Ice cold poker

Despite March (and now April) having bought heavier frosts than anything seen in winter many of the herbaceous perennials have decided that it is time to wake up. New fresh foliage is emerging in vivid greens and pinks and the whole garden has an energy that you don’t see at any other time of year.

One plant that seems ahead of the rest is this torch lily (red hot poker) with its first flower of the season nestling amongst its leaves. I’m pleased as this is a division of one taken from the garden at Copse Hill and this will be its first full season here at AV Acres. On the other hand I can’t help but worry that another frost will be its downfall.