Plants in the driving seat

Actually they are in the passenger seat, but that doesn’t make such a good title for a blog post.

The picture shows a dozen berberis I got free of charge as a result of over-ordering for landscaping around a new building. I’ll use them to form a low hedge which I hope will discourage drivers from backing over parts of the front garden at AV Acres. I don’t want the hedge to be too dense but may need to source some more or interplant them with other shrubs to create the effect I’m looking for.

It’s always lovely to get free plants but this experience has been a eye-opener. The sheer scale of the over-ordering scares me. I don’t really want to think about the resources that will have gone into raising these plants, at least some of which will end up being shredded for compost.

Then there is the way that these plants had been handled. Most if not all had been placed on their sides and layered on top of each other in crates over a metre deep. Needless to say I will be blaming this if my hedge fails to take.

It’s wonderful that I (and many others) will be able to make something good come out of what I assume was an honest mistake. It still leaves some uncomfortable questions about the impact I have as gardener on the wider environment.


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